Huddersfield Organists' Association  :  R.I.P.

On 17th September 2008, the decision was taken at an Extraordinary General Meeting, to wind up the Huddersfield Organists' Association.  After many successful years, interest in organising events for the membership (of around 60) had waned to the point that the Association had been totally dormant for a couple of years.  This clearly could not continue.

A more informal organisation has been started from a few members and friends who wished to continue meeting to promote organ related matters.  This organisation will operate mainly during the warmer and lighter months, and the first event proposed will be a visit to Whitby on 25th April 2009.

This new group is not (yet) affiliated to the IAO, so previous members of HOA who had subscribed to the Organists' Review at a reduced rate by virtue of their Huddersfield membership, cannot currently claim the reduced rate.  However, all good wishes to the new group ......

This website will continue for at least the next few months, maybe longer.  Please notify Geoffrey Lockwood of any details in the Organ Archive section that need updating.

Huddersfield Organists' Association was founded in 1903, and is the second oldest such organisation in the United Kingdom. Affiliated to the Incorporated Association of Organists, it is a charitable organisation open to all with an interest in organs, organ music or related topics, whether as performers, listeners or builders. It exists to promote the art of church and organ music, and to provide encouragement and support to people interested in the field. Events for members include concerts, lectures, visits, sales of music, social evenings, organised monthly as far as is possible, except for December. In addition to subscribing to the IAO's "Review", members receive copies of the "Clarion", a locally-produced journal featuring articles by members for the members, and edited by professional editor Robert Cockroft. Back numbers are published also on this website.

This site is under development, and was last edited on 25 January 2009